Hi. I'm Austin.

Since I was a young child I have been obsessed with creativity in its many facets. I recall as a kid constantly rearranging my room into a new layout. I would paint characters on my furniture and floor for which I would regularly get in trouble for. But for the past decade I have been honing my skills in Brand Design and User Experience Design. I started Romansky because I wanted to make a living doing what I love. I have helped dozens of incredible owners to start and grow their beautiful businesses with human-centered design.


A history in the arts.

I remember as a kid going to my father's screen printing shop and "helping out" while breathing in all those yummy toxic odors. My mother was a designer there and her father an artist before her. My grandpa, Jim Shattuck, worked as an artist at the Saturday Evening Post. He was friends with and even painted by the one and only Norman Rockwell. I realized early on if I wanted to make a living at this passion of mine I would have to move into the digital world. I haven't looked back and am proud to be one of many designers in my family.


What exactly is human-centered design?

Human-centered design is exactly what it sounds like. Designing with a focus on the person who is using the product as a solution in their life. It is an obsession to finding out who your users are, what is the real problem they have, and how your product or service will truly provide a solution for them. It's not about keeping up with the latest design trends, it's about designing for the specific users of a particular product. When taking a Design Thniking or Human-Centered approach, a great deal of time and effort go into conducting through user research and testing by means of interviews, surveys, and testing events both in-person and virtually. If you are hiring a designer and they don't demand to conduct some kind of user research... run.